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Let your imagination run wild. Simply drag, drop, go!

Simple drag and drop visual editor to build your Internet of Things.

Magic Kits

Select the hardware that you fancy to unleash the magic.

With the simple yet flexible Magic Kits hardware offerings you can kickstart your next IoT project with minimal effort.


Flexible dashboards

Visualize data to suite your needs. we make life easy.

Whether it be realtime data or historical data our dashboards give you the complete flexiblity over what you want to see and how you want to see

Connect anything, anywhere

Hacking together the Internet of things the with a click of a button never got easier

Our magic will work on many platforms.


Magic on your mobile

Connect your phone with magicblocks, world of IoT at your fingertips.

Tap into some magic with our mobile app.

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The Magic Factory

A&T Labs is pioneering company in the business of connecting things. Founded in 2014 it has diversified its portfolio from embedded system design to cloud platforms. Its latest platform Magicblocks.io brings the power of the cloud to the simple microcontroller in the aim of enabling the young minds of the country to unlock their true potential.

Our Location

No: 258/3,
Galvihara Road,
Sri Lanka

MOBILE.: +94 71 843 1962 MOBILE.: +94 71 657 3221
info@magicblocks.io / info@atlabslanka.com